A little about me...

I am basically self-employed and versatile. I have worked in various specialities in the sector. But what I like most is comics and concept art.
I'm a person who really enjoys my work.
I have always had artistic interests. I've been drawing and painting since the 80s but I also work with digital media such as Adobe Suite, Blender in Mac, Windows and free software (Linux, Inkscape, Gimp)..

Over the years, I have also learned to have a practical management of time management to be able to complete projects on time. The experience that only age can give. But always with an open mind and willing to learn new things.
I work very well in a team (scrum methodology) as a member of the team. Solving problems as they arise.
Graduated from the School of Arts and Crafts I am always studying and preparing myself either in public centres, private academies and self-taught. As: 'Technician in Artistic Illustration', 'Technician in Parametric Drawing of Computer', 'Technician in Web Pages', 'Technician in Development of Multiplatform Applications', 'Technician in Microcomputer Systems and Networks', and some more titles...
I have collaborated as freelance doing illustrations, graphic design..

  • Concep Art for the videogame company 'Exelweiss entertaiment'.
  • Collaboration in the poster of 'La Feria del Libro de Valencia' through the 'Advertising Agency Inedita'.
  • Published a comic book vignette in the 'Revista Triangular' of the 'University of Philosophy of Valencia'.
  • Illustrations for a textile clothing manual for the 'Textile Technology Institute'.
  • Digital retouching (with Photoshop) for 'Efe Dibujos'.
  • Posters announcing the 'Talleres de Lectura Teatral' of the 'Constant√≠ Llombart library' in Valencia.
  • Collaborated with some vectorial illustrations in the project 'Pictodroid' through the 'Florida University School'.
  • Various illustrations for the 'Morgana Advertising Agency'.
  • Various illustrations for 'Albufera Literaria'.
  • Cover of the book 'La Antesala de Peter' (La antesala de peter | 003 (maremagnum.com) ).
  • Advertising triptych for the clothing company 'Libra'.
  • Corporate identity for the 'Academia de Baile Pasos'.
  • Logo for the tv channel 'TV Alto Palancia'.
  • Collaboration, as Front End Developer, in the agency 'Digital Disseny'.
  • Brief collaboration in the prepress department of 'Editorial Ecir' and 'Ediciones La Solana'.
  • Logo design for the publishing house Lee+.
  • Various business cards.
  • Collaboration as a teacher in the 'Gremio de Sastres y Modistas de Valencia.'

And I have even won some competitions.
As for example the logo of the 'Escuela de Adultos del Alto Palancia' or the shared prize in the 'Photographic contest of the Onda Village'.
Collective exhibition of the Guipúzcoa Association.